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Alexia / Apr 13, 2013
Hello Hyperion Force and all the friends there-in!

I believe it's been about six months since the closure, has it not? How is everyone? Has life been treating you well?

Where do you think your heroes and heroines are right now? (In CoH canon)

To answer my own questions, I've done a bit of RP and a bit of writing to read at your leisure! Feel free to comment here to answer those questions yourselves!

Alexia / Sep 01, 2012
I'd like to personally thank everyone for all the stories and characters over these many months and years. Hyperion Force was created by Neo Trick Shot the day of launch, and will last until the servers are closed down for good.

The Force and City of Heroes has been a chapter in all our lives, be it a small one, or a big one. There's no doubt we're all losing something here.

Deeds, Not Words.

It is likely we're going to be seeing a split of canon, be it through time, game migration or universal changes. I'm not in charge of anyone here, personally - though it would be a plea of mine to respect the wishes of a character's player. Even if that person is never seen or heard from again.

Because these characters? These Heroes and Heroines? They weren't just lines of code, or avatars in a videogame. These were /people/. As alive in our minds as anyone else. Stories, traumas, joys and even those boring patrols? Those were all fond memories to /someone/ out there. These Heroes deserve their intended ending.

This Website will not be coming down, and many of us will check it daily. It has a chat function, as well as an extensive forum. (Which may require some modification now.) Any who would like to post stories, or do forum\chat roleplay are more than welcome to.

Some have moved on to GW2, Tarnished Coast.

Some are migrating to Champions Online.

Others are planning to continue roleplay via these forums.

Whatever path you choose, I just want you to know how important you were to the Force, and to me.

We'll be wrapping up outstanding stories, and taking screenshots until the servers die down for good.

Thank you.
Alexia / Aug 25, 2012
I'd like to begin work on a full and detailed description of every room in the base, it's IC and OOC functionality - and how it could be utilized in roleplay.

Our ultimate goal is for the base\Lovelace not to seem just as a tool for the officers to use for their stories - but rather tools anyone can use to craft their own.

The basic rule of "No invasions without clearance" holds, but we're hoping a bit more definition of everything will be helpful.

Also, we have plenty of empty dorm rooms for characters, if you'd like one - simply ask. I can even customize it for you. Check out Credey's room, for example!

I won't be able to complete this writeup until the base itself actually IS complete, so please direct yourself to the Poll over on the right side of your screen. ---->

If you have a suggestion not listed there, just send it to me as a Private Message. This is a 100% anonymous vote, so please do not vote publicly. Vote ONLY for what you'd like, and do not follow the popular 'trend'. (Unless of course that is your desired addition. :3)
Alexia / Jul 24, 2012
This site will become the new main website for Hyperion Force!

Please submit your re-applications as quickly as you can, it's only a little bit of writing. ^_^

On August 8th I'll be expecting a full transfer from the old site, and all new posts should be created here.

Thank you!
Alexia / Jul 19, 2012
We'll be holding a meeting to take an official vote on migrating from Guildportal to Shivtr.

Once the results are in, we'll be moving all official activity to this website; or remaining in the old one!

Calendar functionality allowed for all members!

(Rules: Must not conflict with pre-existing events, including Super-Group RP nights. Those still must be personally scheduled and added by yours truly.)