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by Moira on Aug 22, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Everything went well for the wedding, Goddess be praised. No small thanks to everyone else who helped pull things off. I still owe DJ quite a bit for her last-minute chain working...maybe a complimentary suit of armor, when I can get back to the forge? That won't be for a good while, but at least it will give me time to design something fitting.

I've noticed a strange magical flux, in town. It's not city-wide, and it's only really noticeable until I turn to pinpoint it, but it's there. Something is shifting, more than usual for the waning of the year. It's hard to pinpoint, and the last I knew all our timeline-hopping experts had either gone to our California branch office or had entered their own practice. Mr. Deringer would be an excellent consultant, but getting hold of him possesses its own...unique challenges. With Alexia away on her honeymoon, I'm hesitant to go digging on my own for anything short of an emergency. And I don't believe this flux is an emergency.

I could be wrong, though. I'm not even sure it's at all timey-wimey. But scrying reveals nothing, and the Goddess is silent when I try to speak to Her. It could just be the girls mucking around with my perception--hormones are a great way to blind yourself to the outside forces. I'm leery about consulting with Fae, but I seem to recall one of ours who's gone into private practice knows someone with connections. I'd consider speaking with Maemir, but she was about as useful as a pen-knife in quicksand the last time I requested her aid, so perhaps it's best to leave her be. Besides, I've other projects to attend to...projects that may or may not require my immediate attention.

Simply, we may or may not have another ghost in the building. This one seems to be a mimic of Carrie. It's sounding less and less like a ghost, though a spirit wouldn't surprise me--we've had quite a few running around here. Lucretzia would be an excellent consultant for that, though Lucas seems to already have his own suspicions. DJ seems to suspect something different, but she's keeping her suspicions to herself for now--though she stopped by to run over a catalogue she thought I'd like. What I'm more interested to know is why a spirit would target Carrie. That's a rather interesting choice. The memory fragments in her mind make sense, but this sounds like something completely outside herself. I'll need to talk with Lucas regarding this case.

by Moira on Aug 16, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Well, this is bothersome.

I've gone over the ceremony I wrote for the wedding on Sunday. I've ultimately decided it simply won't do; it leans too far in a direction that isn't one that works for either of the ladies. And there's no way in the Three Worlds I'm putting them through the Cult's handfasting rites--even a watered-down, gentrified version would be a screaming naked Girlympics contest that I think Paragon City could do well without. I've had a chat with Badb over the matter; She thinks I'm being rather silly, but as they aren't Hers, She's not overly bothered. Her blessings come in fighting anyway. This is mostly a legal ceremony. I'll be rewriting like mad; it gives me a pleasant break from the [i]bloody tedious[i] desk work. It's little wonder Alexia all but begged me to assist her; for someone like her, it must be a sidelong level of hell to be stuck in a room at a desk and slaving over paperwork. Having Ziggy with me has helped, even though getting around these days is becoming increasingly bothersome. A warming pad has helped, but I can't use it too long, or I start overheating.

Unfortunately, the girls have decided to take up football. I think they thought about a crack at rugby until I had a few...words with them. I hope no one was in audio range of that little shouting session. It certainly startled Ziggy, who isn't used to me carrying on that way. At least my spine and kidneys have remained un-assaulted in the meanwhile.

I may have to get sole inserts for the boots, though. I'm hoping for a shorter ceremony, though if I have to stretch things out, I certainly can. If we're going beyond an hour or so, though, I'll definitely need the support.
by Moira on Aug 16, 2012 at 03:50 AM
I've been incredibly busy lately...but it's been fantastic.

Now that John's over his bug (that was an interesting bit I'll be glad to never repeat), it's given me time to take care of some other things. Moira's been coming around and giving me tips on armor-smithing; said she was fond of the horn armor I've been wearing. I only did the paint on it, but she still figured I'd be an easy lesson for the forge. She wasn't kidding, either. It was beautifully peaceful and calm, forging all those links and weaving them together. Sure, it got tedious if I worked at it too long, and it's all very shapeless and drab, but after having tested it, I can see why she learned the skill. The paint was the easiest thing ever. Drew helped with the plate itself, and I called in that favor with Serge to get her set up with a nice color-coordinated surplice. (Sadly, a sewing machine is beyond my reach; I was miserable at Home Ec.) Working with the leather and steel was a bit more of a challenge, but Moira had tricks for that, too.

I'm starting to give serious consideration to looking into chain-reinforcing my armor. It'll be good to be able to redistribute some of the crushing force of a blunt blow and have a missile trap for projectiles. Not entirely reliable; my test patch didn't really do too well against crossbow bolts, arrows, or knives higher than a set velocity. It has its weaknesses. But it beats nothing, and it's lightweight. Quiet is the kicker, and Moira's said that can be a problem with chain. Hers is mostly ornamental at the moment; I still think she's nuts for wanting steel links. Even going silver would be of a lighter weight, but she wanted something functional. That tunic will need replacing once the babies are born.

I need to get in touch with Milsha. Credey's good for software, but I need something more along the lines of hardware if I'm going to upgrade/convert PEDRA to the Mark IV Victoria, if not a higher model. Naturally, I'll have to register her with DATA once she's fully upgraded, and I need to nail Rachna down and see how an upgrade/conversion will affect the dynamic AI she installed. I don't /believe/ anything will come of it, but it never hurts to ask, and I haven't seen her in a while. Seeing as she's now Jennifer's girlfriend (odd choice, but I've thought of worse. Brief thoughts toward Jessica Flores, much? In my defense, though, at least Flores was Human...), that should be much easier than it was previously.

The horns still feel a little odd to sleep on, but I'm not waking up with headaches, anymore. It's the back ones that provide the most irritation, tearing the hell out of pillows and the like. It's still much better with the armor. All told, I think it looks incredibly badass, with everything assembled. Even John's getting used to the idea, and the horn armor actually made it easier for him to adjust. Hopefully, he should not randomly spawn horns. Will have to warn him against drinking magic potions past their expiration date or from bad sources. (Shane was an excellent source, but seriously? A year overdue? That was easily begging for trouble. Drew thinks it's a bit strange, but he's still got me so that's what he cares about.
by Moira on Aug 13, 2012 at 02:17 AM
Been in chats with DJ. We're still on, even though things have been difficult with her one. Guess the little tyke managed to pick up a bug could even get through his defenses. He's beating it quickly, but it's put Jess on the alert. (She has a lovely name...I wonder why she doesn't use it more often?) I don't blame her for being leery; I've certainly grown more attentive as it becomes harder and harder to move. Gravity has definitely shifted, and I'm starting to understand some of the more...fascinating aspects of the Mystery of Motherhood. Goddess alive, some days it's hard to juggle the hormones and still seem like a sane and rational human being. It's a good thing I've done mostly desk work lately. Not a lot of visitors back there, and renovations appear to be on hold while other preparations are made.

Someone found a security hole, allowing a stranger in. At least it was a friendly stranger, but one of the new girls took the mickey a bit while she relayed the news. She seems like she'd be a fun one, if she could find a genuine balance between cockiness and proper pride. Still, at least she was reasonably respectable, even if she's more troubles than I do (which is an achievement...and not an entirely positive one). The message was received, and Lucas and I have been working on it. We also have a permanent silence barrier enacted. Lucas did this one, and I must say I'm fascinated by his work. He's not in often, but when he is, he's proven invaluable. While he respects authority, he's not a simpering pushover, either. I enjoy working with him, and look forward to other projects. He's a bit of a challenge to understand, sometimes, but I've a Norwegian/English dictionary back with me, now; hopefully, it will help.

Haven't seen Thorn much of late, but he's been attending to his own business. I should be attending to mine, but the last should be ready directly; just need to wait for DJ to finish with the chain. She's taken to it like a natural, even though she complains it's repetitive. It can be, but it's a great way to do something constructive while giving yourself time to think. And in the end, you've made lightweight armor that will stop most low-caliber bullets and absorb some impacts. It's not exactly optimal for the sort of fights one has in this city, but there's ways to work around that. Once the girls have been delivered, I plan to train Jess--and whoever else will listen and stand for it long enough--in the use of lighter armors. I could probably afford to go a bit heavier for ladies like Dorothy and...Goddess, I have to look at the register to get the names of new people these days. Jennifer? Right, Jennifer. The cocky one. Teach her respect first. Although, the first time she mouths off to Alexia might be funny to see...

Nursery's as done as it's going to be. The scene is set, the stars are in place, and there's no way in the Three Worlds we're getting all that diamond dust out of the carpet. But it looks absolutely glorious, and I have a feeling it will be staying around for quite some time. Of course, when the girls are about ten or eleven, I suppose it will all be painted over, or covered in posters of boy-bands and the like. So long as they don't say their lifelong ambition is to be a princess in need of rescuing, we'll be fine. The first one to decide she needs a knight in shining armor to complete her will be having a stern chat. I'll not be raising simpering limp-wristed victims. When your Ma and Da are Heroes and you get access to all the self-defense you like, you've no reason to want to be a victim.

Of course, a knight in shining armor is very grand. But sometimes, traffic is bugger-all and that dragon won't slay itself. (Well, not unless you're /very/ good at convincing...but I doubt there's a soul walking this world that's good enough to do that!)
by Moira on Jul 20, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Got a few pieces done, and I have at least one buyer for a couple of my cityscapes. Also got a call to do another sign design for a local business--Cooke's Electronics, oddly enough. Not usually my kind of work, but I figure PEDRA can help me out. Ever since something fried the display on the laptop, she's proven to be an excellent backup. She misses patrolling, but the fact is that I just can't afford having Crey get their hands on her. I've seen what they do to their 'Works...I don't want a repeat of that. Ever.

I've been doing some thinking for PEDRA...and I think it's time I gave her a tougher, more offensive casing. I'll have to talk with Sparks, see what she thinks is viable. Given her experiments with all the War Works catalogue, I'm sure she can set me up with something compatible with the 2.4b GUI while letting her perform her "domestic" routines. I don't need a rewire (though I can be convinced if she needs an upgrade), and I don't need a system wipe (non-negotiable), but I want to give her a chassis she can fight in. A tall order for a 'Work, but I know it can happen.

I want to give her a Mark IV Victoria chassis. Or something on par with that.

Getting the parts is easy--much easier now since the invasion. And I can make sure she stands out from the actual Mark IV's easily enough--painting a chassis is nothing new. Getting them together...dammit, I'm a plumber, not a technician! I hate outsourcing, but I can't do this myself and Drew's too busy with his jobs. The money from the settlement is still going pretty well, but I want to save as much of that back for John as I can. Besides, at least with Sparks, I know she and I think along the same lines. I would greatly appreciate if PEDRA didn't come back smelling like singed fur, though.

Nice belt kludge for Moira, though; I was impressed. And shocked--literally, when I bumped into the belly on accident. Moira was apologetic but seemed pretty happy with the results. I have a feeling she's become a little neurotic about being touched. Then again, she's pregnant--with twins, no less. Given how my pregnancy went, I'm not surprised she's paranoid.